Aviation Club
In August 2011, SJVA launched an after school and summer program for 6th through 12th grade students. Aviation club meets one hour a week after school and holds an annual summer aviation program. The club focuses on the science of flight, and introduces students to airplanes, drones, rockets, and more. The club serves to inspire students to pursue post-secondary education and careers in the field of aviation. Students get hands on flight simulator experience and engage in projects that focus on engineering practices and team building. To learn more see the Aviation Club page.

Introduction to Aviation
In August of 2018, SJVA started offering Introduction to Aviation as a high school elective course.  Introduction to Aviation provides the foundation for advanced exploration in the areas of flying, aerospace engineering, and unmanned aircraft systems. Students will learn about the engineering process, problem solving, and the innovations and technological developments that have made today’s aviation and aerospace industries possible. Students will also learn about the wide variety of exciting and rewarding careers available to them. To learn more see the Introduction to Aviation page.

Aviation 1 – Ground
In August of 2017, SJVA offered for the first time as an aviation high school elective class. Aviation 1 serves to equip students with the necessary knowledge and endorsement to pass the FAA Private Pilot Knowledge Exam, FAA Remote Pilot Certificate and prepare them towards earning their Private Pilot certificate. In addition, this course serves to inspire and expose students to the many post-secondary education and career opportunities in the aviation field. To learn more see the Aviation 1 – Ground page.

Aviation 2 – Flight
Aviation 2 – Flight is the capstone course for Career Technical Education Aviation Pilot pathway at San Jacinto Valley Academy. Aviation 2 builds upon the knowledge and skills developed in the Aviation 1 – Private Pilot Knowledge course. With the use of classroom based simulators and/or airplane, students will acquire the aeronautical knowledge and demonstrate the necessary flight skills to earn a private pilot certificate with an airplane single-engine land class rating. At the end of the course students will take a mock oral and flight test in preparations for the Private Pilot oral and flight test from an FAA examiner. To learn more see the Aviation 2 – Flight page.

Career Opportunities
SJVA’s Aviation Pathway prepares and guides students into various aviation related careers such as pilot, unmanned aerial vehicle pilots, aircraft mechanic, air traffic control, aeronautical/aerospace engineering, aircraft dispatch, airport management, aviation law, aviation medicine, and certifications that you can use to support a personal business or other unique avenues. The types of post secondary education required to pursue these careers vary, and can include certifications, specialty educational institutions, bachelor degrees, and advanced degrees. If you want to learn more about these careers and how SJVA can prepare you, please contact Mr. Gibson (cgibson@sjacademy.org) or Mr. Anady (panady@sjacademy.org)

Partnership and Support 
SJVA’s Aviation Academy is committed to exposing students to the exciting world of aviation and start equipping them with the knowledge and skillset to peruse a career in aviation. A key component of this endeavor is providing students with hands-on and real life aviation experience help identify and confirm their aviation passion and golas. SJVA Aviation Academy would like to partner with the aviation community and community at large in making this mission a reality.  Dontations of any kind will continue to help provide students with hands-on and real life aviation experience such as but not limited to introductory flights, flight training, simulators, materials, tools, and projects. You can donate by using the Paypal link or contacting SJVA’s Dirctor of Aviation at panady@sjacademy.org


San Jacinto Valley Academy
On June 9, 1997, San Jacinto Valley Academy was approved as a charter school by the San Jacinto Unified School District approved.  On September 5, 1997 the school was opened starting with sixty-seven students, K-8 grade. In 2005, the school enrolled its first 9th grade class and added an additional grade level each year after. San Jacinto Valley Academy has full accreditation from Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), staffed with fully credentialed teachers, and in 2009-10 was officially authorized as an International Baccalaureate World School, providing the IB Diploma Program. More information about San Jacinto Valley Academy can be found here.

SJVA is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization